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UPDATE: easiest way to clean old mails in a public folder in exchange:


1)Open Microsoft Exchange System Manager
2)Expand `Administrative Groups?
3)Select the required administrative group -> `Servers?
4)Click on the Server and then click on the required Storage Group
5)Expand `Public Folder Store?
6)Click on `Public Folder Instances?
7)Right-click on the public folder you want to modify and select `Replica Properties?
8)Enable `Age Limit of this folder on this public store (days);’
9)Enter the number of days that you want to keep the public folder contents (anything older will be automatically deleted)
10)Click OK to apply the changes

Ce script VBS est donc à exécuter sur une machine où est configuré Outlook sur une session utilisateur qui a bien sûr des droits de suppression sur un dossier publique ^^

Original script: http://www.experts-exchange.com/Programming/Languages/Visual_Basic/VB_Script/Q_24444396.html

dtmCutOff = DateAdd("d",-15,Date)

Set objOLK = CreateObject("Outlook.Application" )
Set objNS = objOLK.Application.GetNamespace("MAPI" )
Set objPF = objNS.Folders("Dossiers publics" ).Folders("Tous les dossiers publics" ).Folders("Mondossierracine" ).Folders("mondossiermails" )
Set objDict = CreateObject("Scripting.Dictionary" )

For Each objItem In objPF.items
If DateDiff("d",dtmCutOff,objItem.receivedTime) <= 0 Then
intDeleted = intDeleted + 1
objDict.Add objItem.entryID, objItem.subject & " " & objItem.receivedTime

If intDeleted > 2000 Then Exit For
End if

For Each dictKey In ObjDict.Keys
WScript.Echo "DELETING : " & objDict.Item(dictKey)

WScript.Echo "Total " & intDeleted & " items deleted."

'Clean up
Set objOLK = Nothing
Set objNS = Nothing
Set objPF = Nothing
Set objDict = Nothing

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