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NoChangesStartMenu 00000001 Disable deleting items from Start Menu
NoClose 00000001 Remove the ShutDown option from the Start Menu
NoCommonGroups 00000001 Common program groups do not appear on the Start menu
NoDesktop 00000001 Hide all desktop icons
NoDrives 00000000 Low order bit is drive A: while the 26th bit is Drive Z: To hide a drive, turn on its bit
NoDriveTypeAutoRun 95,00,00,00 Disable autostart CD-ROM
NoFavoritesMenu 00000001 Hide Favorites on Start Menu
NoFileMenu 00000001 Remove "File" menu in Explorer
NoFind 00000001 Remove the Find command from the Start Menu
NoLogOff 01,00,00,00 Remove logoff from Start Menu
NoNetConnectDisconnect 00000001 Remove Explorer's "Map Network Drive" and "Disconnect Network Drive" menu and right click options
NoNetHood 00000001 Remove the Network Neighborhood icon from desktop
NoRecentDocsMenu 00000001 Hide Recent documents on Start Menu
ClearRecentDocsOnExit 01,00,00,00 Empty My Documents when shutting down Windows
NoRun 00000001 Remove the Run command from the Start menu
NoSaveSettings 00,00,00,00 Save window settings on exit
NoSetActiveDesktop 00000001 Disable Active Desktop
NoSetFolders 00000001 Hide Settings > Control Panel, and Settings > Printers on the Start Menu
NoSetTaskbar 00000001 Hide Settings > Taskbar on the Start Menu: Only Drag/Drop can be used to alter Start Menu and Desktop
NoStartBanner 01,00,00,00 Disable "Click here to start"
NoWindowsUpdate 00000001 Removes Windows update from Start Menu > Settings
RestrictRun 00000001 Only programs defined at [HKCU\Software\Microsoft\...\
Policies\Explorer\RestrictRun] will run
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