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FORFILES v 1.1 - by Emmanuel Boersma - 4/98

Syntax : FORFILES [-pPath] [-mSearch Mask] [-ccommand] [-dDDMMYY] [-s]

-pPath Path where to start searching
-mSearch Mask Search files according to
-cCommand Command to execute on each file(s)
-d[+|-][DDMMYY|DD] Select files with date >= or <=DDMMYY (UTC)
or files having date >= or <= (current date - DD days)
-s Recurse directories
-v Verbose mode

The following variables can be used in Command :

Default :
Examples :
FORFILES -pc:\ -s -m*.BAT -c"CMD /C Echo @FILE is a batch file"
FORFILES -pc:\ -s -m*.* -c"CMD /C if @ISDIR==TRUE echo @FILE is a directory"
FORFILES -pc:\ -s -m*.* -d-100 -c"CMD /C Echo @FILE : date >= 100 days"
FORFILES -pc:\ -s -m*.* -d-010193 -c"CMD /C Echo @FILE is quite old!"
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